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Biomaterials for a better life

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The last mile of delivering a drug to a patient occurs in their own body - from the circulatory system to the intended organ.


Oligo Medic has developed a versatile, polysaccharide-based proprietary nanoparticle architecture with the potential to improve the benefits and reduce the risks for a wide class of therapeutic molecules.

  Seeking the full
potential of biomaterials

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We developed a proprietary nanoparticle architecture combining stealth and active targeting to efficiently deliver a wide range of therapeutic payloads, drastically increasing the proportion of drug reaching the intended target, even when the target escapes to unexpected tissues.

This type of targeting has limitless potential, from rare diseases to disease that suffer from off-target adverse events!

Confirmatory Phase


Encapsulated Drug


Solid Tumors
Selected anticancer drugs
Fully owned
Preclinical Phase

We are ready to boost the development of stealthy targeting for its full market potential through collaborative efforts

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We are in talks with the FDA for a superior alternative to HA injections with fundamentally longer residence time, designed for effective and long-lasting lubrication of joints under abrasive stress.

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We designed an improved dermal injection for creating facial volume with the same satisfactory characteristics of HA, but fundamentally longer lasting outcomes.








Our medical device journey started with JointRep®, find out more!

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